Goal 1

Treduce poverty by improving food security

Goal 2

To promote nutrition and sanitation for good health for all in communities

Goal 3

To protect the environment and natural resources in green and sustainable ways

Goal 4

To promote community participation for the quality of education

Goal 5

To promote community development with the participation of PWDs

Other Activities

  • Capacity Building for the target groups

  • Promote agriculture and production techniques

  • Promote income generation

  • Capacity building for target groups

  • Promote good nutrition

  • Promote good health

  • Sustainable natural resources use and management

  • Disaster preparedness and post-disaster recovery

  • Green growth and solutions to climate change

  • Improves school facilities

  • Promote the creation of green, clean, and beautiful schools

  • Teaching and learning support

  • Capacity building for the village education development committee

  • Capacity building for target groups

  • Promote the creation of sources of food and income

  • Promote access to education and sports for children with disabilities

  • Promote woks and accessibility

  • Lao Civil Social Organization Coordination Office (LCCO)

  • The ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ASEAN Peoples Forum (ACSC/APF)

  • The Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance in Lao PDR (SUN CSA Laos)

  • The Agroecology Learning Alliance in Southeast Asia (ALiSEA)

  • Lao Civil Society Organization Forestry Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (Lao CSO FLEGT)