1,917 cookstoves have been distributed in the 5 target provinces

Improved Cookstoves Programme Lao PDR (ICS)

4/27/20231 min read

In March 2023, we together with LWU distributed ICS cookstoves to those who live in suburban and rural areas in order to encourage people to use ICS cookstoves. Besides that ICS is not expensive, use less firewood, save charcoal more effectiveness and durability. In March 2023, we distributed 1,917 cookstoves in 5 provinces (63 ICS stoves in Champasak, 470 in XiengKhouang, 346 in Luang Prabang, 818 in Savannakhet and 220 in Vientiane Capital). In April 2023, we will continue to distribute ICS cookstoves, whether it be in your province or not, please stay stunned!