ARMI’s Annual Meeting 2022

the Association for Rural Mobilisiation and Improvement (ARMI)

4/13/20232 min read

In April 8th, 2023, the Association for Rural Mobilisiation and Improvement (ARMI) held simultaneously 2022 annual meeting at Vientiane Capital City and Savannakhet province via face-to-face and online half-day meetings. Honored by Ms. Phetlamphone Palakhone, the President of ARMI, there were also representatives from the Ministry of home affairs, Donors, and Civil Society Organizations honored to participate in the meeting. In addition, members, board and inspection committees, staff, and volunteers from each district and province were also involved. The participants were 135 (75 women) and 4 people with disabilities.

The meeting aimed to listen to the report on the ARMI operations in 2022, which was about outstanding achievements and performance during one-year operation and the operational plan in 2023 as follows: 1) Poverty reduction by improving food security Strategic Objective: provided support to 96 families of rice cultivation, 188 families of crops, 70 families of mushroom cultivation, promoted income generation by providing 584 goats, 21,500 frogs, 27,799 fish, etc.; 2) Promotional nutrition and hygiene for the good health of everyone in the community Strategic Objective: increased knowledge on nutrition and gender equality to 1,803 people, 2,013 people vaccinated against covid-19, 476 households access to toilets, 28 groundwater wells were successfully drilled and others; 3) Environmental and Natural Resources Strategic Objective: according to the green grow program: established natural resource conservation areas in 5 villages, (8 production forests, 8 conservation forests, and 9 protection places with approximately 37,655 hectares) created management areas for the sustainable use of forest products in 4 villages, continued the work of promoting the use of energy-saving stoves to reduce air pollution by 28 manufacturers, in 2022 could produce 147,458 ICS stoves, etc; 4) Community-based participatory equality education Strategic Objective: we supported learning materials for 735 students of 12 schools, 38 teachers and; 5) Development of the community-based participatory disabled people Strategic Objective: we provided support for the equipment and promote income-generating activities for disabled people in a total of 1,106 target groups. There were also many activities that we launched to assist, monitor and support the target groups. The overall expenditure that we have spent in 2022 is about 16 billion kips.

In 2023, we will continue to focus on the implementation of projects and programs that are being implemented in Luang Prabang, Xayaboury, Xiengkhuang, Vientiane, Vientiane capital, Borikhamxay, Savannakhet, Champasak, Saravan and Sekong as well as expanding the 4 more projects.