Completed slope construction measurements for a health center in Xayphouthong, Thapangthong, and Nong Districts, Savannakhet Province.

The Concerning the Project on Access to COVID-19 Vaccine Support in Lao PDR (AHP)

7/24/20231 min read

Slope construction measurements are one of our activities that everyone can access, especially people with disabilities, elderly people, and others. During July 18–19, 2023. Our team, together with the health Office, got slope construction measurements in Nong District (Nakong, Asing, and Phounmakmy Health Centers), Xayphouthong District (Mouangkhay, Dongphosy, and Dongokmay Health Centers), and Thapangthong District (Houaymuen, Phoumaly, and Sekue Health Centers). For the next plan, we will go to measure the construction of slopes in Atsaphone district, which includes Phonngarm and Keng Mom Health Centers.