Completed the distribution of more than 1,000 stoves.

Improved Cookstoves Programme Lao PDR (ICS) is one of the programmes of the Association of Rural Mobilisation and Improvement (ARMI) that has been implemented in Xiengkhouang Province, LuangPrabang Province, Xayabouri Province, Vientiane Province, Vientiane Capital, Savannakhet Province and Champasak Province.

8/23/20231 min read

In the last week, the producers in all areas have focused on the production of stoves so that the team can bring the stoves to distribute to the users, and we have completed the distribution of more than 1,000 stoves.

Our team in Vientiane's capital, together with the Women's Capital-District Women's Union, distributed 150 stoves in Koa Village, Sangthong District; 150 stoves in Na Lien Village, Nasay Thong District, Vientiane; 160 stoves in Na Village; 105 stoves in Phon Village; 144 stoves in Sula Village, Nangam Village; 135 stoves in Khong and Sanasomboun District Champasak Province; 142 stoves in Chom Si Village, Kham District, Xieng Khouang Province; village Houaypane, Pak Ou District, Luang Prabang Prabang Province;