Completed the distribution of more than 400 stoves.

Improved Cookstoves Programme Lao PDR (ICS) is one of the programmes of the Association of Rural Mobilisation and Improvement (ARMI) that has been implemented in Xiengkhouang Province, LuangPrabang Province, Xayabouri Province, Vientiane Province, Vientiane Capital, Savannakhet Province and Champasak Province.

7/28/20231 min read

In early July 2023, our team and producer in each area focused on continuing to produce stoves to distribute to people who would use them with quality. Our team distributed the stove together with the district Women's Union and the village Authority, as well as people in the community. We have demonstrated water boiling compared to an ICS stove, a concrete stove, and a steel stove. Let's compare the target family villagers to see the difference and make them observe the actual demonstration with themselves to be attracted to the desire to use the stove. 70 stoves can be distributed in Namtom Village, Pek District, Xienkhouang Province; 250 stoves can be distributed in the villages of Beuangsa and Sengchalernsouk in Savannakhet Province; and Thong Ka Long Village, Paksong District, Champasak Province, can distribute 166 stoves.