Continue to vaccinate more than 700 people in four target cities by the end of September 2023

The Concerning the Project on Access to COVID-19 Vaccine Support in Lao PDR (AHP) is implemented in 4 districts in Savannakhet province, with funding from the Australian Government through Oxfam in Laos, in partnership with the Ministry of Health through the Department of Hygiene and Health Promotion, and operated by the Association of Rural Mobilisation and Improvement (ARMI).

10/16/20231 min read

The epidemic and infection of COVID-19 are now decreasing due to the attention of doctors in providing centralized and portable vaccination services. People are cooperating in getting vaccinated against COVID-19. However, vaccination is very important, especially for pregnant women, the elderly, those with disabilities, children, and those with chronic diseases.

We, together with the mobile medical team, continue to provide vaccination services in conjunction with health centers and local volunteers to serve the people in 4 target districts: 235 people (183 women) in Atsaphone District, 117 people (136 women) in Nong District, 167 people (149 women) in Xayphouthong District, and 69 people (41 women) in Thapangthong District.