Facilitate the target family to compost the fields in 2 villages in Thapangthong District

The Participatory Community Development for Livelihoods Improvement and Nutrition Promotion in Rural Areas (LAN) has been implemented by The Association for Rural Mobilisation and Improvement (ARMI) in 30 villages: Atsaphone, Thapangthong District, Savannakhet Province, and DakChueng District, Sekong Province.

7/28/20231 min read

In the 3rd week of July 2023, the project team, along with partners from the Agriculture and Forestry Office in Thapangthong District, Savannakhet Province, facilitate the target families to make compost on the fields to improve the farmland in PhueViengkham Village and Nachanthang Village. At the same time, there were also the activities of frog and fish raising and families who were encouraged to have access to latrines and clean water by drilling wells.

In this, it can be seen that: the activities of frog raising and catfish raising of some families are reared in the fields, which are far from the village, some families are still unable to plant rice because there is no water in the fields; and now the rains have just started to fall.