Monitor the construction of pig and goat cages of the target group in Chomphet district, Luang Prabang Province

The Community-Based Inclusive Development project in Luang Prabang province Phase II (CBID-LPB) is implemented in 20 villages in Chomphet District, Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR. The project’s objectives are to support improving the quality of people with disabilities lives, to support income generation, and life development activities for all types of disabled people. The project is funded by CBM Global Disability Inclusion (CBM Global).

9/28/20231 min read

After we gave the equipment to build animal cages to the target group of 129 families in Chomphet District, Luang Prabang Province, in the 3rd week of September 2023, we continued to monitor and inspect the construction of animal cages of the target group in 18 target villages which include: Pig cages 35 Family and goat cages 94 Family.

This monitoring is to make sure that each family's animal cage is correct according to the set standards. The results of the monitoring show that all families can build animal cages, but they are built correctly according to the standards. There are about 70-80% of them, and the families that are not correct according to the standards are advised to continue to improve to be ready to receive animal soon.