Monitoring and evaluation of pregnant goats in the target group of 40 families in Xayphouthong district

The CBID project in Xayphouthong district Savannakhet

6/16/20231 min read

After the CBID-XPT project gave goats to the target families in 5 villages: 244 goats were given (183 female goats, 61 male goats), in mid-May 2023, we, the CBID-XPT, together with experts from the office and the Department of Agriculture and Forestry, village veterinarians monitored and evaluated the goats that were not pregnant in 40 families. which shows that the number of pregnant goats is only 39% because the raising of goats in the target group is still not in accordance with the principles and the goats do not have enough food, which affects reproduction.

Therefore, we have introduced and taught more techniques, such as changing the place of breeding, choosing food, and breeding goats.