More than 700 stoves are ready to be distributed.

Improved Cookstoves Programme Lao PDR (ICS) is one of the programmes of the Association of Rural Mobilisation and Improvement (ARMI) that has been implemented in Xiengkhouang Province, LuangPrabang Province, Xayabouri Province, Vientiane Province, Vientiane Capital, Savannakhet Province and Champasak Province.

8/7/20231 min read

"ICS stove" is a stove that Lao people produced by themselves. To ensure quality, the stove passed tests from the Department of Energy and Mines to ensure long-term use, save wood, and charcoal, and also reduce emissions.

According to the demands of the parents to use the stove, the producers speed up the production of more than 700 stoves by the end of July 2023.

Our team in Champasak province went to monitor the producers in Khily and Nonsavanh villages in Sanasomboon district. Mrs. Davanh, the producer, can produce 261 stoves; Ms. Khammouan can produce 196 stoves; Mr. Amphone can produce 74 stoves; and Ms. Noophid in Pha Nom village, Luang Phabang capital, can produce 250 stoves.