Announce the application of rules for protected areas and village-level user areas Meeting in 5 target villages, DakChueng District

The promote the establishment of protected areas and the sustainable use of natural resources programme (NTFP) was implemented in 5 villages in Dak Chung District, Sekong Province, funded by the Fasten Nofer Organization, in partners with the Department of Agriculture and Forestry in Sekong Province. To improve the living community conditions and participatory natural resources management.

6/27/20231 min read

Between June 8-16, 2023,there was a meeting to announce the application of the rules in 5 target villages: TangTaLang Village, TangYei Village, DakTaOcYai Village, DakTaOcNoy Village, and DakXiengAh Village in DakChueng District, Sekong Province. In which in 5 villages, there are 225 participants (117 females). In the meeting, an agreement was passed on the appointment of the management committee of the protected area and the use area of the village and the agreement to approve the regulations of the forest reserve and the use area of the 5 villages of the project.

Mr. Sengnavong Keokhamsae, Deputy Director of the District Agriculture and Forestry Office, commented that: For the management of the reserve area, the use area, I want the villagers to pay attention and turn to sustainable use, I want everyone to participate, be responsible for producing enough agriculture to help protect and manage the forest sustainably.