The meeting focused on a discussion of raising funds for the building of student dormitories in a rural area.


6/5/20231 min read

On May 15, 2023, the Association of Rural Mobilisation and Improvement (ARMI) took part in a meeting to discuss raising funds to build dormitories for teachers and students in the Suem school, Aet District, Houa Phan Province. which was organized for half a day by the Training Center of the Lao Front for National Development. The event was honored by Mrs. SengDeuan Lachanthaboun, former minister of the Ministry of Education and Sports, and Mr. Surioudong Soundala, deputy minister of the Ministry of Education and Sports, with the participation of 22 people (12 women) from Lao civil society organizations and foundations.

The meeting was primarily focused on the presentation of the project to construct student dormitories in remote areas at Suem School, Aet District, Houa Phan Province, in order to provide assistance in accommodation for poor students living in remote rural areas to have a place to stay. This will promote the development of education as well as solve the problem of student dropouts in remote areas.