Supporting essential equipment to disabled people in 5 villages in Xayphothong District

The CBID project in Xayphouthong district Savannakhet province

5/22/20231 min read

Between April 19-20, 2023, We, The Community Based Inclusive Development CBID project in Xayphothong district, Savannakhet province corroborated the Rehabilitation Medical Center branch measured the wheelchairs for the target groups of 7 people in 3 target villages, PhumMajedy, NaMakkeua and NaMong village. In addition, we delivered essential equipment to assist people with disability for the target groups of 3 people in 3 villages such as 1 prosthetic leg and 1 commode chair in NaMong village, 1 hearing aid in Nandon village, and 1 crutch in KhamHaeng village.