Peer to Peer learning activity in Xayphothong district

The CBID project in Xayphouthong district Savannakhet province

5/5/20231 min read

In order to support the target groups who have functional disabilities to get the opportunity to learn and share life experiences, we organized peer-to-peer activities for disabled people, including caregivers who experienced similar problems, to meet and discuss together.

On April 20–21, 2023, we, the CBID in Xayphouthong district, held the P2P activity on the 2 topics as follows: Daily life experiences, crutches use, and socialization between Uncle Phang, who is visually impaired, from Naraong Village to meet and discuss with Grandfather Chom in Don Wai Village and Mr. Phetsonsy in PhoumMajedi Village; 2) Child care experiences, socialization, and personal hygiene between Sister KongChai, who is a caregiver for disabled people, to meet and discuss with Grandmother Lang from PhoumMajedi Village. They were delighted and enjoyed the activity.