Promote income generation for the target group by planting galangal 8,000 saplings at Daktaocnoy village

The Non-Timber Forest Products Program (NTFP) is implemented in 5 villages in Dak Chung District, Sekong Province, funded by the Fastenaktion Organization, in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Forestry in Sekong Province. To improve the living conditions of communities and participatory natural resources management.

9/12/20231 min read

Because in the past, people who live in areas far away from the city and live in close contact with nature, they used to get food from nature and use forest products, there are many families who do farming and gardening without taking into account the damage or effects that will occur from natural disasters, which causes the forest products to gradually decrease. Therefore, we support and encourage the target group, especially 5 villages in DakChueng to contribute to the preservation and management of forest products for sustainability.

During August 28-31, 2023, we encouraged the target group of 15 families in Daktaocnoy village to planting galangal (Alpinia macrostaminodia Chaveer and Alpinia malaccensis) a total of 8,000 saplings to support them to have a career, generate income for their families and also contribute to sustaining the forests.