Strengthening and Capacity building for disabled people and disabled families in 5 target villages, Chomphet district

The Community-Based Inclusive Development project in Luang Prabang province Phase II (CBID-LPB) is implemented in 20 villages in Chomphet District, Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR. The project’s objectives are to support improving the quality of people with disabilities lives, to support income generation, and life development activities for all types of disabled people. The project is funded by CBM Global Disability Inclusion (CBM Global).

9/11/20231 min read

On August 22-24, 2023, we organized the training in order to strengthening and build capacity for disabled people and families of disabled people in target villages, Chomphet District, Luang Prabang Province to ensure participation in development at the village and ensure a better life for disabled people in the community, with participants from 5 target villages in total 86 people (43 women), of which 46 people have disabilities (19 women).

In the training, we disseminated and provided knowledge about the community based inclusion so that participants are aware of disabilities, types of disabilities, causes of disabilities, rights of people with disabilities and the community's attitude towards people with disabilities. In addition, the participants also shared their life experiences, difficulties, obstacles, including ways to solve problems, especially for those with physical disabilities, hearing, vision, speech, intelligence, etc.