Support slope construction measurement equipment with a total value of 62 million kip for 12 health centers in 4 target Districts, Savannakhet Province.

The Concerning the Project on Access to COVID-19 Vaccine Support in Lao PDR (AHP)

8/10/20231 min read

We completed the Slope construction measurements, which is one of our activities that everyone can access, especially people with disabilities, elderly people, and others. During July 18–19, 2023

In early August 2023, our team, with the chief of the health center in 4 target Districts: Xayphouthong, Atsaphone, Nong and Thapangthong. Got monitored and checked the Slope construction equipment and storage facilities provided by the store, which included sand, stone, steel, mortar, etc., for a total value of 62 million kip. Due to the rainy season, construction is difficult. Therefore, we are relying on the weather to implement the construction of the slope.