Support the Angel mushroom cultivation with the head of the mother support group in five target villages in Thoulakhom District, Vientiane Province.

The ProCSPiNut Project

8/28/20231 min read

On August 18–23, 2023, we, together with Caritas Luxembourg in Lao PDR, monitored and supported the Gender Development Association (GDA) in the angel mushroom cultivation training together with the head of the mother support group at the village level in 5 villages: Nanoakkhoum, Phoukhaokhuay, Vangheua, Souksala, and Nayang villages, Thoulakhom District, Vientiane Province, with a total of 113 participants (94 women). The purpose is to monitor and support the training of angel planting and to follow the cultivation of household garden plants in the shade house, to learn lessons, and to recommend the points that need to be paid attention to in the implementation of project activities.