Surveying the area and looking for interested group of activities pf the project in Savannakhet province

The Participatory Community Development for Livelihoods Improvement and Nutrition Promotion in Rural Areas (LAN) has been implemented by The Association for Rural Mobilisation and Improvement (ARMI) in 30 villages: Atsaphone, Thapangthong District, Savannakhet Province, and DakChueng District, Sekong Province.

9/8/20231 min read

Between August 29 - September 1, 2023, we together with our partners from the Agriculture and Forestry Office of Thapangthong District, Savannakhet Province organized an activity to Surveying the are of target village and looking for the interested groups for the activities of LAN project. We discussed to 31 families in 4 villages as follows: 11 families are interested in goats raising, 5 families are interested in fish raising and 15 families with children under the age of 5 are ready to build latrines.

After this, we will compile the information and evaluate it according to the criteria set by the project to prepare support activities for the target group soon.