Technical Work Group (TWG) Meeting of FLEGT-VPA program

(Lao CSO FLEGT) Forest Law Implementation Program, Management and Timber Trade. The FLEGT program creates opportunities for Laos to access more new timber import markets, especially markets that require legal timber (such as the 28 European Union member countries, the United States, Australia, Japan). The FLEGT program or a similar system will be the international standard in the near future.

10/13/20231 min read

Between October 4-6, 2023, the Department of Forestry Inspection held a Technical Work Group (TWG) meeting in Thalat, Vientiane Province. Under the chairmanship of Mr. KhamPheua Sirivong, Deputy Head of Department of Forestry Inspection, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Agreement. The participants included: representatives from the, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Society, Lao civil social organizations and other relevant parties, especially members of LaoCSOFLEGT, along with experts from GIZ ProFEB. A total of 16 people (4 people).

In the meeting 3-day, the participants jointly reviewed, discussed and updated the information in the in the Timber Legality Definitions (TLDs), especially: improving the words in the indicator; Changed some of the legislation, notices, orders and decrees in the timber legality definitions table (from TLD3 – LTD8), along with re-checking the validity and suitability of the Timber Supply Chain Control table (TSCC) to make a Timber Legality System (TLAS) more complete.