the agreement document for people with hearing difficulties to receive ear treatment in Luang Prabang province

The Community-Based Inclusive Development project in Luang Prabang province Phase II (CBID-LPB) is implemented in 20 villages in Chomphet District, Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR. The project’s objectives are to support improving the quality of people with disabilities lives, to support income generation, and life development activities for all types of disabled people. The project is funded by CBM Global Disability Inclusion (CBM Global).

9/8/20231 min read

In the 3rd week of August 2023, we together with the Department of Labor Welfare and Social Affairs, Office of Labor Welfare and Social Affairs in Chomphet District, rehabilitation services and Technical Rehabilitation Medical Center from Luang Prabang Provincial Hospital made a note to the target group of 15 people with hearing difficulties (5 women) in 10 target villages in Chomphet District.

Through the recording, it can be seen that: there are 11 people (4 women) who accepted the agreement to receive ear treatment. Objective To promote the target group with hearing impairment and for them to be able to access treatment facilities.