The sub-granted associations to organize a review meeting to strengthen nutrition work

8. Strengthening on the Implementation of the Lao National Nutrition Strategy Project in Xiengkhouang, Bolikhamxay and Vientiane Province. The objective is to strengthen coordination, information management systems, the capacity of teams and partners to organize and implement nutrition work to help reduce the problem of malnutrition and the rate of child height below the standard in the 3 target provinces and in the Lao PDR.

9/28/20231 min read

The team from the Association for Rural Mobilisation and Improvement (ARMI), in collaboration with Carlitas Luxembourg in Lao PDR, is visiting the 1000-day for families with children under 5 years old in Xaychamphone District, Bolikhamxay Province. This visit includes demonstrations on cooking for nutrition and the formation of mother support groups in September 2023.

The main monitoring staff for this program are the Association of people living with HIV/AIDS, who have received a sub-grant to support the implementation of nutrition activities at the community level. The support will be implemented in four villages in Xaychamphone District.

The objective of the support is to enhance the technical skills of nutrition among caregivers, particularly on behavior and nutrition practices related to monitoring the growth of children and their dietary intake. This will include the nutritional principles that are vital to young people and women of reproductive age. The head of the mother support group in each village will lead members in carrying out activities that aim to improve nutrition and encourage better nutrition behavior in the community.