Training on patrol inspection techniques for village forest management committees in 5 target villages in DakChueng District

The Non-Timber Forest Products Program (NTFP) is implemented in 5 villages in Dak Chung District, Sekong Province, funded by the Fastenaktion Organization, in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Forestry in Sekong Province. To improve the living conditions of communities and participatory natural resources management.

9/13/20231 min read

Between August 22 - September 2, 2023, we, together with our partners from the Agriculture and Forestry Office of Dak Chang District, monitored and trained patrols for the village forest management committee in 5 target villages, with a total of 59 participants (18 women).

We introduced the technique of using the form, how to summarize the data and explain the use of various signs together with practical implementation as a guideline by collecting data and recording on the form, so that they can continue to collect data within the responsible village and report the results of data collection to the project in the future.